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  • Plan to encourage



    Let’s agree on, it’s people who continue to build the brand through their participation with & involvement in it.

    So, Human Analysis that where we start. We analyze what people need or dream of, how they feel, think or act, what they love to hear or see now?!

    From all of these, we unearth the purpose in the brand that matters to people’s lives; that will easily lead to open a communication channel with them and will encourage people- Brand participation. After all, successful brand is the brand that adds value to or create a different kind of experience for people’s lives.

    • Human Behavior Analysis
    • AIR Investigation
    • Brand Development
    • Communication Strategy
    • 360 Communication plan
  • thinkers in

    disobedient way

    To us, a creative advertising idea is one that is extracted right from the heart of your brand, one that touches some part of the core of humanity, one that captures the brand purpose that will make a difference in people’s lives. It’s also one that works across all media - be it TV, radio, print, billboards, social media, interactive media - you name it, and one that has genuine longevity. In our experience, this is the quickest way of putting your product, your company, and even yourself, on the map. It says you’ve arrived.

    That’s why we promise to give you a brilliant, creative, crazy advertising idea every time.

    • Brand Design
    • TV Ads
    • Print Ads
    • DM
    • Corporate Identity
    • UI/UX
    • Campaign Concept
    • Radio Ads
    • eBlastAmbient
    • 2D/3D Animation
    • Apps
  • your brand

    is always at people

    So, you've got your strategy sorted. There’s a great advertising idea in the bag. Now what? Well, now’s the time when our media gurus start analysing how to reach your target customers when they watch TV, look outdoors, read the newspaper, flick through a magazine, listen to the radio, surf the internet, fly on a plane, take a hot air balloon ride; the list is endless. We use all the latest media research tools and then some, to help us create our analysis, and by the time we’re done, you can rest assured that wherever your customers are, and whatever they’re doing, you and your brand will be right there with them.

    • Media Planning
    • Digital Media
    • SOV Analysis
    • Competitor Spending Analysis
    • Media Buying
    • Monitoring
    • Media Updates
  • we create


    If WOW Team is going to arrange your event, then get ready for an exquisite affair. Whether it’s an opening or a booth, a celebration or a luncheon, it will be creatively planned and efficiently assembled, down to the very last detail. All you have to do is pick a date on your calendar and leave the rest to us! You could choose a date blindfolded if you wanted, and whatever the event is, we can guarantee that it will be a remarkable one; we'll make sure it’s an affair to remember. We don't believe in mediocrity, we believe in superiority. And we deliver.

    From choosing the optimum location to selecting the perfect staff, we do it all and we’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll create precisely what you want while remaining as cost efficient as possible. No matter how large your business conference or how small your outdoor booth; we will handle them with the same care and precision. We tackle every event with the same degree of diligence. And if it’s a launch, well! Protect your ears because here comes the BUZZ!

    • Exhibitions
    • Conferences
    • Outdoor Events
    • Road Shows
    • Concerts
    • VIP Events

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